I'm just a few chapters in on this book called life! and so far its been a roller coaster, but i got the big man upstairs on my side. NOTHING WILL BRING ME DOWN!

Monday, June 16, 2014


Wow I really get to say it, "I'M TWO MONTHS HEALTHY" wow that felt good! I am literary shocked I made it this far, but in the same way I'm not. I was Determined, Positive, and not willing to give up. This has definitely been a roller coaster,This isn't just a "summer diet" This is a  Lifestyle change! But now I will just give you my 2 month update!

Two months ago on Easter Sunday, I decided I was going to change my life forever, and for real this time, so I ate a huge slice of my Aunt's strawberry shortcake, got a Micky D's Sweet tea(So good) and that next day which was Monday began day one of this LONG journey, I wanted to embark on. Week 9 begins today June 16th and man its been hard, here's a mini timeline of how I ate.

week 1- Transition period(cutting down on bread, bad chocolate)
week 2- NO SNACK(strict meals)
week 3 -NO SNACK(strict meals)
week 4- NO SNACK(strict meals)
week 5- NO SNACK(strict meals) Red meat once during the week!
week 6- NO SNACK(strict meals) Red meat once during the week!
week 7- Bring in one snack, LOTS OF FRUIT
week 8- Bringing more grains into diet at least 3 meals a week
week 9- Dark chocolate as a snack 3 times a week (85% cocoa or higher)

Now after reading that I bet you all think I have deprived myself for the last 2 months, well the truth is I haven't! I LOVE the food I'm eating and yes sometimes I do want that brownie, but then I think about it for a minute and realize my mind hasn't been this free in a long time, so ill keep giving up those sweets for a clear mind, plus I eat TONS of sweet fruit so I consider that my "candy". Honey dew and watermelon are my current fruit obsessions, but I also eat pineapple because its a great source of vitamin c, and also really good for your skin! Oh and grapes are amazing, but always so expensive. As you can tell I love fruit, I consider it my fast food, because whenever I eat out its either fruit or fruit. I've only eaten out like twice in the last two months and I got a small salad, that impressive for me because I use to love eating out!


I gave up bread, ahhhh I did what. Yes you did hear me correctly I gave it up, but to make up for not eating bread, I have to find other healthy grains to eat like Brown rice, Oatmeal, and I really wanna try Quinoa! I legit have to force myself to eat all this, but its okay its what the body needs. If you were to ask me TODAY if I missed eating bread? Well my answer would have to be no because since giving it up, I haven't gotten a really bad migraines or headaches(Knock on wood) I mean I get little headaches but that's usually caused by stress or my blood pressure going up to high! In the end ill give up ANYTHING to not get migraines like I use to, and people might think I'm crazy but those are usually the people that don't believe me that I even get migraines. The migraines i use to get I couldn't move, eat, talk, I was practically paralyzed and everything I took didn't work, but hey that's another story for a different time! But I can say this, I sometime miss Panera's bread,OMG YES I WILL ALWAYS LOVE THEIR BREAD!

I think the hardest thing with changing my life is dropping old habits, so normally I have to eat small meals/snack throughout the whole day when I'm not busy, because then I get bored and end up wanting to eat the whole house, I don't but I wish I could sometimes. When I hang out with friends usually I keep a snack bag of almonds in my purse, so if I start to get hungry I pop a few into my mouth and that usually will hold me off until I get home to eat what ever meal I'm suppose to eat at that time. Through this whole journey I probably only cheated during the first week, then I aloud myself to snack at week 7&8! Wow I just re-read that and it kinda sounds like this had been easy for me, it really hasn't, I had to fight cravings, I had to learn to tell people NO, and explain to people that this is NOT a diet this is a LIFE change! I never want to feel the way I felt before.

Also when I hit one month I ended up pulling a back muscle, and it lasted about 3 weeks. That must have been the longest 3 weeks of my life, NO GYM, only eating healthy! That's when I was really put to the test, because last year when my knee injure came back, I went off the deep end and didn't care what I ate. This time with my back I was a good girl and ate all the right food, stretched, and got a massage(which helped out alot!) Now I'm on my last few days before I get back to the gym!

10 tips for people wanting to get healthy! 
1. Write down EVERYTHING you eat(even if you cheat)
2. Drink LOTS of water(I drink lemon water)
3. Learn to love tea
4. Eat small meals throughout the day
5. Don't fry food
6. coconut butter(better than that fake stuff)
8. Start walking( Having a walking buddy is the best)
9. Less sugar

In my opinion I feel you have to want to be healthy to eat healthy! but hey I wrote this because maybe it will help one of you out there wanting to change your lifestyle! This was a big commitment I had to make, but I'm so happy I did! I will probably do another health update at 3 or 5 months! I hope you all enjoyed reading. Until next time!!!!

Oh and ill post an update picture at 6 months(4 months away):)

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Tea Talk Tuesday: Opinions!

Morning everyone, I mean good evening when you all start to read this! Welcome to Tea Talk Tuesday, Tea talk isn't to special, I'm pretty much just drinking hot tea and ranting or talking about an interesting topic! Lets talk sharing opinions: Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, yes that's how this world goes round. Not everyone is going to agree with you, or everyone in this world would all be best friends frolicking through the fields!

Some people are mean, some nice, and some just plain stupid when giving their opinions. What I mean to say is the way people speak their opinions are either mean, which means they are blunt but they have a mean way of saying it, they do in fact know what they are saying. The nice people who are still blunt and know what they are saying but they come up with a kind way of saying. Finally the people who speak their minds without thinking first, they are the ones that just let crap come out of their mouths (excuse my language)! See right there that's my opinion of people giving opinions and most of you might not agree with me, but that's okay because that's my opinion of people opinions. Man that was a tongue twister to read I bet hehehe.

"Not every person is going to understand you and that's okay. They have a right to their own opinion and you have every right to ignore it" ~Joel Osteen~

I would consider myself in the middle of mean and nice when giving  my opinions to other people, because I can be very blunt at times, well all the time and also most of the time at the end i'll either apologies if I was to to blunt or  just say "well that's my opinion, hope that helped". I really try not to be mean, just sometimes some things needs to be said to some people.

The worst is when you ask advice from someone and they give you their thoughts and opinions on it, and you completely HATE and DISAGREE with what they have to say! and it make you regret asking for their advice to begin with. If your anything like me, you'll then feel stupid for asking and shut down. Okay now lets get personal, truth is, the reason why I'm always scared to tell people things is because half the time they don't get it, duhhh they don't get it they aren't walking in my shoes, but also I don't want to hear their opinions that I'm "crazy" "lying" "attention whore" "safe" "afraid". In the end ill be the girl who was too "afraid". SCRATCH THAT, I really need to learn to IGNORE some peoples opinions, and everyone else who has this problem, you have the power to ignore them  SO DO IT!

Okay everyone! This was just my point of view with opinions, yes you may disagree but throughout the years this is what I needed to come out and say. This could change in 10 years but for now this is how I feel! Now I'm going to finish my tea, watch some Netflix and listen to the rain! so relaxing. You all are amazing remember that! Until next time.

Sunday, June 8, 2014


Sometimes I feel older then I really am, which is funny because everyone new I meet thinks I'm younger then 20! I'm learning to not let it bother me because in the long run, hopefully ill still look young and good as my Mother does at her age! But don't worry guys I still love myself, its just sometimes I get annoyed with the whole "Looking young" thing!

Now lets get to the real topic for today! This is one of my favorite things to do each week, FOOOOOD SHOPPING! Yes I can honestly say that food shopping is one thing I look forward to during the week, usually its always on a Sunday because by then I'm living off scraps, literary. What can I  say, its one of the few things I do during the week that relaxes me! But this week on the other hand I rushed, Oh wait here comes "STORY TIME", Well we had to take my Mom to the airport at 4am, and when I say we I mean Lexis, I just came along for the ride! But anyways my Mom's going to Colorado for a week, I'm super jealous! Not much of a story, but it need to be told!

I decided to do my Sunday food shopping at 8:00am at shop rite, and let me just tell you one thing I learned with food shopping on Sunday morning real early , PEOPLE ARE ANIMALS! But me I just stroll around each aisle like no one is there and acting all happy! This week though, I wasn't, it took me about 15mins to get everything I needed and pay. Yes I was one of those animals, I even almost ran into 4 different people, one lady I almost hit twice but that was a good thing because we had a lovely 2 minute conversation! Then I bought some Eco friendly bags and I was on my way off to my Dads truck. When I got home I was like "ahhhhhh"

Food shopping can be really easy, If you bulk up on certain foods then it will be faster to do you food shopping the next few weeks trust me! I bulk up on protein bars, peanutbutter,and water, then all I have to have to buy each week is what I call "BASICS" and the basics for me are some sort of meat(usually some form of chicken), EGGS, Lemons,Veggies, 2 kinds of fruit (pineapple and whatever's in season), Yogurt, Almond milk,  and 2 Gatorade for the week! I don't like to buy snacks because if I have them i'll want to eat them. I really love having a set meal plan, so I don't have to worry about deciding what I want to cook. Other people may find it boring I find it curing my body from what I use to eat.....NASTY!

Well my time has come to end another post! I hope this some how helps you with your food shopping and that you learned its good to bulk up on some products! Question of the day!! Do you enjoy food shopping, or do you dread it?

Until next time my friends!

Friday, June 6, 2014

Food Friendly Friday: Crock pot Meat balls!

Hi everyone! I'm trying to theme my blogs, each week will be different but I'm new to this whole blogging world/community so things will change every now and then. Today I have a wonderful crock pot meatball recipe I whipped up in my kitchen! I prepared it on Thursday night and my whole family and I ate it on Friday night, so if you are a working gal or guy then this is totally for you!

2.25LB of 85% Ground red meat or Ground Turkey
1 chopped yellow onion
7 cloves of garlic
4 celery stalks
2 egg whites
1 can of organic sauce
2 tomatoes diced  
Garlic powder
Onion powder
(and any other spices that you might like)


1. Grab a knife and get ready to do some chopping! I suggest doing the celery and garlic first because lets face it everyone cries while chopping up an onion(its the worst) Make sure that they are all chopped small, it just helps it some how!

2. Now take your meat and break it up into little pieces, I do this because its easier to mix once you add the rest of your ingredients. Don't be afraid to get "down and dirty" with the meat, just make sure you hands are clean first!

3. Drop all your onions, garlic, celery and egg whites in and start stirring/mashing! When that's all complete add your spices in, I LOVE garlic so that's why i added an extra clove and some powder shhhhhhhh.....Once everything is mixed together start forming them balls, by grabbing a hand full of meat and then forming a ball! If your preparing day before I would use a big enough container so that they don't need to be on top of each other.

NEXT DAY! or same day, It really doesn't matter!

4. Break out the crock pot and put a thin layer of sauce at the bottom. Take you meatballs out of the fridge and place into crock pot slowly, also put sauce over each ball! Once they are all in add your tomatoes and 1 1/2 cup of water, stir it in SLOWLY!!!! You don't want them to break so as long as you go slowly they wont!

5. Put you crock pot on LOW, and they should be ready to eat in 8 hours! The best day to make these,  when you know your not going to be home! Then you can come home and have a hot meal waiting for you!

6. Take them out, drain them a little, top it with some sauce  and maybe some cheese and you got yourself a great meal! Plus it's healthy, as long as you don't over load with cheese, pasta or bread!

I woke up 5:15am to put these little suckers in, and when i came home from a very long day I had dinner waiting for me. I had mine plain because I currently don't eat bread or pasta, because well there's a whole story behind that, and i will tell that a different day. My Family on the other hand had it with BIG hot dog roll, and made it into a meatball hoagie sandwich! However you decide to make it, it turns out AMAZING! This was the perfect meal for me because I only have red meat once a week and it was just the right amount! Well I'm going to eat my grapes and watch some Netflix, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!                          


DISCLAIMER- I am no writer, I'm just trying to have a little fun!


Thursday, June 5, 2014

Throwback to "THE SWING"

Lets go back to when we were all kids, not worried about the future or anyone breaking out hearts! wouldn't that just be amazing?!? It would, I think about that a lot, Why? because wouldn't it be so cool to travel back to when you were 5 smiling all the time and washing your Dads truck? Man i miss those days!

"I walk slowly but i never walk backwards"

Are you guys ready for a little story time? I sure hope so I mean if your still reading this I'm amazed hehehe okay here i go! When I was little I just loved being outside I was either feeding my "pretend" chickens, Playing by the river; which in fact I lost way to many things down that rushing river! and finally my swing, man that swing went high...and FAST!

You guys will never believe me but my Dad would always make us do a STRAIGHT line, now that I'm thinking about it that's probably why I'm scared of rides (I scream bloody mary) seriously we went so high and fast that i felt like my stomach was going to fall out! but my Dad would hold me, And when your little, Daddy's always protect their little girls, and then you grow up. Another story to go along with "The Swing", When my cousin Mimi would come visit we would always go outside and swing. We came up with a song one day "I got muddy shoes, and singing blues" Yes a short song but to this day I'll never forget swinging with her! I miss those days

Even thought I didn't always get what i wanted like clothes, shoes, and toys. I would go back and relive my life because I always had the basics, A roof over my head, Food in my belly, Clothes and shoes on my body and most important God watching over and protecting me! There might have been thought times in my life but I'll always go back to those happy moments as a child!

Before I go I have one question, Would you relive you life?!

Until next time friends
DISCLAIMER- I am not a writer, This is all for fun!!


Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Nothing's going to stop me from trying!

Hello my Lovely new friends.....I started a blog, wow am i really saying this right now  "I STARTED A BLOG" there thats better! well here's the scoop i need a new way to vent, and change peoples lives so why not!! Im here to talk about MY life to share the problems I go through on a day to day basis. Recipes,FITNESS, Girl talk, Drama,Anxiety ,Quotes, Tips& Tricks and so on.

"All things are possible for those who believe"

Now let me kind of give you an overview on my life in 9 words, I'm a girl who doesn't fit into this world... now i know a lot of you feel this way but i haven't met anyone like me yet.Your now probably wondering "How don't you fit in?!?" well there's a lot of reasons and throughout all my posts you will soon find out!

Now For the reason why im starting this blog 7 weeks ago i went on a lifestyle change, and its the best thing i could ever do for my life, yes i miss bread A LOT but something inside me changed i felt like i had this drive like a rush of adrenaline. Then two weeks ago im in the drive through at Starbucks downing a shot of espresso and a thought pops into my head "i wanna write a book, and start a blog" ever since then ive been thinking of doing it just too scared to fail! well times up IM NOT GONNA FAIL IM GONNA WRITE A BOOK AND START A BLOG! Starting with the blogs and ill get to the book one day! So id like to thank Starbucks for making me start this blog!  

Some how, Some way im going to change someones life i dont know when, and i dont now how but i will! So please stay tuned and i promise you, we'll get through this together!

DISCLAMER- I am no the best writer, and guess what nothings gonna stop me from trying!

EMAIL- Kelly94x@aol.com